end of 2012

here are some lists!

i made it onto Comics Bulletin’s Top 10 Comic Artists of 2012, i was so surprised and it’s such an honor.

Glory made it onto Bad Haven’s 10 Best Comic Characters of 2012!

Glory gets #55 on Comic Book Resources’ Top 100 Comics of 2012!! awesome.

and finally, the best one of all, Wet Moon 6 was included in ComicsAlliance’s Best Comics of 2012, check it out!! thank you so much to Sarah Horrocks and ComicsAlliance for making my year.

happy new year, everyone!!

3 thoughts on “end of 2012

  1. I read Wet Moon Vol. 1 about two weeks ago. It was instantly one of my favorite books. I am now collecting everything you have out there. You’re the best man for real.

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