yes, that’s right!! Wet Moon 6 is FINALLY OUT as of TODAY!!!!!!! :D

thank you to everyone who’s been patient all this time since volume 5, thank you to everyone who’s stuck around, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book, thank you to everyone who will get the book, and thank you to everyone who likes it. i seriously hope it’s worth the wait!


i’ll continue to post pages from the book, though, i have 11 more pages of the preview.

AND!!!!! the first Glory trade paperback is also out today, it collects the first 6 issues. :)

8 thoughts on “WET MOON 6 IS OUT!!!

  1. Received Wet Moon 6 and devoured it. Read it three times and placed it with her sister volumes.

    Great work… can’t wait till 7 comes out.
    Thank you.

  2. I read about Wet Moon due to the Volume 6 release. I decided to try the series starting at Vol. 1 and really liked it, so I bought all of them! How soon can we expect Vol. 7?

    Any new projects coming up for you? I am sad to hear Glory is ending, because your artwork on it was so amazing! Please tell me you have new projects lined up.

    • wow, thank you so much for picking up all the Wet Moon books!! i really appreciate that. i’m not sure when WM7 will be out, i’ve been chipping away at the story outline in my spare time while working on Glory but i won’t be able to devote any real time to it until after Glory is finished. i’m hoping to finish WM7 by the end of 2013 in which case it will be out late 2014, due to my publisher taking 10 months to release a book upon completion. :(

      thank you also for the kind words about Glory!! i have a bunch of stuff coming up after that, Wet Moon 7 of course, a couple anthologies, more possible Ninja Turtles work, and possible re-releases of volumes 1 and 2 of my Shadoweyes comic and hopefully volume 3 of that, too. 2013 might be sparse in terms of releases for me because i’ll be holed up working on things, so i’m not sure when i’ll have something on the shelves next, but stay tuned!

      thank you so much again! :D

  3. my girlfriend got me wet moon 6 for my birthday yesterday and i’ve just finished it, i’m so excited for the next one can it come out sooner i don’t think i can wait until 2014! you are the best

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