store signing + Q&A on May 26 in Elmira, NY!

on Saturday, May 26th, i’ll be signing at the comic shop Heroes Your Mom Threw Out in Elmira, NY, 2pm to 4pm! the store is at 128 West 14th Street, Elmira Heights, NY 14603 (more info here). i’ll have new Glory and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints, copies of my TMNT: Leonardo issue, probably some original art, and i’ll be doing however many sketches time allows for!

and THEN on the same day, i’m doing a Q&A at 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Elmira Elks Lodge #62, 300 East Gray Street, Elmira, NY 14601 (more info here). both things are free to get in.

i don’t do very many store signings, mostly because i always assume nobody knows who i am or if they do they don’t care so i don’t want to be sitting there with nobody talking to me, i can’t take that kind of blow to my fragile ego! this is only the second store signing i’ve ever done, so try to catch me here if you can. also show up so i’m not lonely and embarrassed! XD

8 thoughts on “store signing + Q&A on May 26 in Elmira, NY!

  1. Loved the Leonardo issue you did, wow your my new favorite tmnt artist! The way you draw the turtles just blows me away! I want to purchase prints of your tmnt art, especially the Leonardo one you titled Time To Go Back. Are you ever going to post them for sale on your site? I cant go to your signing, if I was closer Id make the trip for sure. Anyway, I hope you draw more tmnt comics soon!

    • thank you, Lacey! i’m really glad you liked the Leo issue!! :) and being your new favorite TMNT artist is a huge honor, whoa. thank you!!! i’m getting prints of that Tim To Go Back picture for this signing coming up, and hopefully i’ll have some left over so i can sell them through my site or something. stay tuned!! :D

  2. Well, if you ever happened to do a signing in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, I know at least four of us who’d flock you. I realize now that “four” doesn’t sound as impressive as it had in my head. In any case.

    Might I add that we have one of the best comic book stores in the United States here in South Florida? Tate’s Comics. Ya know–just sayin’. ;)

  3. Many many, many thanks for signing everything for my girlfriend and I today, was a pleasure meeting you, now its time to find some frames for all of these badass prints.

  4. I wish i had seen this… Do something near va after wm6 is released id love to get my books signed, and maybe a sexy fern sketches.

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