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Wet Moon 6: some of you may have seen on my other sites/blogs already since it’s been about a month since i announced it, but Wet Moon volume 6 is DONE! it’s not coming out until October 2012 though, unfortunately, but i’m hoping to run a chunk of the book online in weekly page installments throughout next year leading up to the printed book’s release. stay tuned!

Glory: this is my current big project, a relaunch of Rob Liefeld/Extreme Studios character Glory for Image Comics. i’m working with writer Joe Keatinge and it’s a monthly series starting in February 2012 with issue #23 (issue #22 was where the previous Glory series stopped), it should be pretty fun. you don’t need to have read the previous Glory stuff (i haven’t!), it’s a new start. here’s some stuff from it on my deviantart gallery.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: yes! after some Raphael covers for Mirage years ago and a few close brushes with almost doing Ninja Turtles comics, i’m finally getting to do it: i’ll be drawing the Leonardo one-shot issue in IDW’s awesome new TMNT series, and i’m pumped!! i believe it comes out April 2012. it ties into the main comic so if you’re not reading that already definitely check it out, it’s great.

Shadoweyes: i’m still kind of waffling on which book to do next, Wet Moon 7 or Shadoweyes Unmasked, but i’m leaning toward Shadoweyes. i hope to start working on that in 2012. in the meantime, be sure to either check out the two existing books, or read the comic online at, which is finally back up after suffering some hacking. i haven’t been able to start posting pages again, though, because whatever happened when my webmaster fixed the site ended up removing Comicpress so i can’t post comic pages, and my webmaster is on vacation! hopefully that’ll be up and running again soon.

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  1. Hey Ross. Finally had the pleasure of reading shadoweyes vol 1 and wow! I was half way through when I ordered vol. 2, I liked it that much :) great to hear you finally got to do a TMNT issue, now we just need to get you on the main book. Writer/Artist too much to ask for ;) ? haha I know you’re a busy guy, but that would be awesome.

    • thank you so much!! i really appreciate that! i hope you like Shadoweyes 2. i’m pumped about finally getting to do a Turtles issue, yeah! i would love to write and draw something or work on the main TMNT book or something, it’s not that i’m a busy guy it’s just nobody has asked me! it seems unlikely that i’d be approached to do that. i think the current folks are doing an awesome job on the comic, though, i love it so far.

      • Yea its pretty rad dude, much better than expected, but I think you could do wonders. Glory is going to raise your exposure so much though with the reviews its getting so I think your gonna be overwhelmed with offers for stuff soon enough :D And also if you can do that level of art thats so detailed and it doesn’t take all your time up, that blows my mind. Anyway, you can count me on board for anything you do from now on dude!

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