the new site is still under semi-construction, some of the art needs organizing, there’s going to be a new header image, new link text, picture captions, the guestbook still has the old color scheme, some other stuff, but i haven’t had time to do it yet! things are super busy and hectic here but hopefully when i finish Wet Moon 6 i can sit down and do this.

question to anyone reading, though, do you think the color scheme should be the current blue, or should i stick with the dull greens of my previous site? is blue + black for my personal site too Shadoweyes-like? should it be green because it’s, not or does that even matter? haha. i think i like the blue that my web designer friend chose but i’m open to other opinions. :)


8 thoughts on “STILL TINKERING!

  1. OMG everything sucks. You suck. I suck. This site sucks. What do you say we both just give up now, move into a cat house together and grow senile with a lot of cats around us?

  2. Definitely think you should stick with the blue. It looks great! :)

    And, like gwen above me says, thanks for all of your work. Looking forward to more from you.

  3. Hey Ross !
    although green is my favorite color i think it’s nice to stay in blue just because you can..
    maybe some people will think your colorblind !
    i’m excited to extend my collection of your comics with wet moon 6 !
    many thnx !

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