Shadoweyes site + updates

wow, it’s been a long time!! O_O

some of you may have noticed the Shadoweyes website,, has been down. i don’t know what happened and my webmaster seems to have vanished, so i’m stuck at the moment.  sorry, and thank you, to anyone who has been reading the comic!! what a mess. :( Shadoweyes has moved to Tumblr for the time being, check it out here. right now it’s still getting going so there isn’t much there yet, but stay tuned! the comic is going to be in color this time, colored by my partner in crime Erin Watson.

i’m thinking about retiring this site, i wanted to get a new domain name and move mywork there but my main email is tied in with so moving might be more trouble than it’s worth. maybe there’s a forwarding thing i could do, not sure. hopefully i’ll at least have a site revamp coming soon, maybe something simpler without much artwork and more of a hub for my other pages. we’ll see!


Glory’s final issue, #34, comes out THIS WEEK! i finished drawing the series over 2 months ago but this is the real official end, i guess. it’s really over now (except for the hopefully eventual hardcover we get next year).

thank you so so so much to everyone who’s read the series over the past year, to everyone who told their friends, to everyone on Twitter and Tumblr and deviantart who talked up the book, to everyone who reads/will read it in trade paperback form, and especially thanks to Joe Keatinge for bringing me along for the ride, putting up with my shit, being a great collaborator, and hitting the Glory ending out of the park. i really hope everyone likes the final issue.

just some other updates, i know i hardly ever post here; i’m about halfway done thumbnailing Wet Moon 7 so that’s exciting, i can’t wait to start drawing. i’ve also been tinkering around with Shadoweyes volume 3, i have a great new draft that i’m pumped about, and i’m gearing up to do IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alopex micro-series issue with writer Brian Lynch AND a dream/flashback sequence in TMNT #23 (in addition to regular artist Mateus Santolouco, i’ll be alongside Andy Kuhn, Ben Bates, and Dan Duncan!!) with Tom Waltz.

thank you again, you guys!!!

end of 2012

here are some lists!

i made it onto Comics Bulletin’s Top 10 Comic Artists of 2012, i was so surprised and it’s such an honor.

Glory made it onto Bad Haven’s 10 Best Comic Characters of 2012!

Glory gets #55 on Comic Book Resources’ Top 100 Comics of 2012!! awesome.

and finally, the best one of all, Wet Moon 6 was included in ComicsAlliance’s Best Comics of 2012, check it out!! thank you so much to Sarah Horrocks and ComicsAlliance for making my year.

happy new year, everyone!!


yes, that’s right!! Wet Moon 6 is FINALLY OUT as of TODAY!!!!!!! :D

thank you to everyone who’s been patient all this time since volume 5, thank you to everyone who’s stuck around, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book, thank you to everyone who will get the book, and thank you to everyone who likes it. i seriously hope it’s worth the wait!


i’ll continue to post pages from the book, though, i have 11 more pages of the preview.

AND!!!!! the first Glory trade paperback is also out today, it collects the first 6 issues. :)

store signing + Q&A on May 26 in Elmira, NY!

on Saturday, May 26th, i’ll be signing at the comic shop Heroes Your Mom Threw Out in Elmira, NY, 2pm to 4pm! the store is at 128 West 14th Street, Elmira Heights, NY 14603 (more info here). i’ll have new Glory and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints, copies of my TMNT: Leonardo issue, probably some original art, and i’ll be doing however many sketches time allows for!

and THEN on the same day, i’m doing a Q&A at 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Elmira Elks Lodge #62, 300 East Gray Street, Elmira, NY 14601 (more info here). both things are free to get in.

i don’t do very many store signings, mostly because i always assume nobody knows who i am or if they do they don’t care so i don’t want to be sitting there with nobody talking to me, i can’t take that kind of blow to my fragile ego! this is only the second store signing i’ve ever done, so try to catch me here if you can. also show up so i’m not lonely and embarrassed! XD

Wet Moon 6 online!

starting tomorrow, February 3rd, i’m going to start running a page of Wet Moon volume 6 a week, every Friday until some point in October when the book comes out (i believe the release date right now is October 10), on my new Wet Moon-centric blog, here. i’ll also be running the pages on  my deviantart page.

i’m also trying to think of other Wet Moon-related stuff to post on the blog to make it more exclusive, i guess, so i’m thinking maybe in-progress drawings, process notes, stuff about volume 7, maybe some History of Wet Moon type stuff like the pre-comic origins of the series.

Comic Creators For Freedom fund drive!

WHAT is up with the formatting in this, argh!

anyway, i’m taking part in Comic Creators For Freedom’s anti-human-trafficking fundraiser, and the fund drive is happening now! it starts today and lasts until January 20th.



head here and hit the donate button, donations are split between Love146 and Gracehaven, on the righthand sidebar, after which you can download a huge snowball fight wallpaper featuring Shadoweyes and a ton of other female webcomic characters. :)



comic updates!

Wet Moon 6: some of you may have seen on my other sites/blogs already since it’s been about a month since i announced it, but Wet Moon volume 6 is DONE! it’s not coming out until October 2012 though, unfortunately, but i’m hoping to run a chunk of the book online in weekly page installments throughout next year leading up to the printed book’s release. stay tuned!

Glory: this is my current big project, a relaunch of Rob Liefeld/Extreme Studios character Glory for Image Comics. i’m working with writer Joe Keatinge and it’s a monthly series starting in February 2012 with issue #23 (issue #22 was where the previous Glory series stopped), it should be pretty fun. you don’t need to have read the previous Glory stuff (i haven’t!), it’s a new start. here’s some stuff from it on my deviantart gallery.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: yes! after some Raphael covers for Mirage years ago and a few close brushes with almost doing Ninja Turtles comics, i’m finally getting to do it: i’ll be drawing the Leonardo one-shot issue in IDW’s awesome new TMNT series, and i’m pumped!! i believe it comes out April 2012. it ties into the main comic so if you’re not reading that already definitely check it out, it’s great.

Shadoweyes: i’m still kind of waffling on which book to do next, Wet Moon 7 or Shadoweyes Unmasked, but i’m leaning toward Shadoweyes. i hope to start working on that in 2012. in the meantime, be sure to either check out the two existing books, or read the comic online at, which is finally back up after suffering some hacking. i haven’t been able to start posting pages again, though, because whatever happened when my webmaster fixed the site ended up removing Comicpress so i can’t post comic pages, and my webmaster is on vacation! hopefully that’ll be up and running again soon.